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This Is How We Do Bowling in London!

Sooooo yeah…here’s a picture of my crotch. Not awkward at all. Just soak it in and let it happen.


You can not contain Godzilla. You can only delay his inevitable arrival.

To be fair…considering how much I drink, it was only a matter of time before you saw my crotch.  Just consider yourselves lucky I was wearing underwear 😉 And for those of you wondering, my wardrobe malfunction did NOT prevent me from finishing our bowling game. The rip in my jeans just gave me more ventilation since I was on fire.

“Lana I’ve Found The Danger Zone and It’s In Pants!”


In London There’s No Such Thing As Day Drinking, Just Drinking

My first pint of Guinness in London…and it’s 3pm!


And for the record, even though I haven’t made it to Ireland yet, the Guinness in London does taste better. Its hard to explain the difference though. It’s both richer and less bitter than the version you taste in the states. What’s most noteworthy is that Guinness, the beer known for it’s heavy consistency, tastes much “lighter” over here.