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London 101: A Beginners Guide PT I

Holy shit, he’s actually blogging.

Yes, yes I know. “Everyone says they have a blog but no one actually writes in it.” This is what my friend Jenny tells me all the time as she complains that I still haven’t finished that blog entry about the time I got reaallllly reaaaaally drunk and….well, that’s for another entry.

But today, on the last day before I head back to school, I’ve decided to write a post that’s been on my to do list for quite sometime. ¬†Consider it a primer on visiting London.

Before we start, I recently came across this brief video that details a lot of the interesting quirks about life in London. It’s helpful for those of you more visually inclined. It’s also helpful because some of the shit I’m about to tell you demands video proof in order to believe.

Quirky London!

(The original source came from another blog about London, that linked to one of my earlier sites. So h/t to UK Calling!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the top 10 list of quirky differences between London and the US


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